Convenience Store: Human Need

Living is the city is quite good for human. In the city, everything human needs is there. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Food and clothing, shelter, health are the first needs of human beings. This is what we call the Physiological needs of human beings. Usually in the city, these needs can easily be possessed. Rural pace is different form the city. In the rural area, they have to travel to the center of their town just to get their necessities. In the city, you are near the market, highway, you can just ride wherever you are, unlike urban places where transportation might be a little bit tough for rural people. This inconvenience may cause people to migrate to the urban areas. Food and convenience is not the only need of humans, they need to taste the different walks of life. They can experience that in the city. Let us say, you are living in an apartment, good and convenient one, and everything you need is just around the corner, how good is life then?

Tokyo, Japan is one of the largest Metropolitan area in the world and Japan is one of the most industrialized country in Asia. Expected that within the area, Supermarkets and convenience stores, Clinics or hospitals and even Pharmaceuticals must be just within a short distance from your niche. If this large city is called a city yet such things are not seen everywhere, how can it be called a good city? Food, Shelter, Clothing daily needs shall be seen anywhere since it is just human behavior to watch for things near them. It is human nature to reach near place because that is how human brain thinks as the best. Maslow’s  hierarchy of needs is just true to all mankind.