Travel Guide In Japan: Things you should not do

If you have traveled here in Japan you may already know some of the things that you should not do while you are here. As we have differences due to culture and traditions, we do have some different manners and etiquette. For you not to feel burdened on thinking what you should not do, I will share some of it through a video below so you will feel comfortable and will enjoy your stay here. Some do not care about this things and just do what they want but it is more proper to respect someone.

As you can see in the video, we do have some manners, traditions or etiquette that may seem weird to you. For us, it is normal and we are very happy if you know and practice them. It is okay if you ask for a spoon and fork if you are still not used to chopsticks so you can enjoy your meal. Let us start making your home looks so fabulous.  Homemaking services from the best company can be your help. Simply, they can make all the arrangement of your home furniture and other belongings clean.

If you are in your room you can feel relaxed and do what you want but if you are eating in the restaurant please put into action the things posted in the video. It will be much appreciated to see clean service and you will be a respected tourist that we welcome every time you visit.