The top 10 biggest shopping mall in the world 2014

Everywhere in the world, shopping is one of the daily activity that cannot be stopped. There are many people who have something to buy and they go to shopping mall. As shopping mall has many stalls or business inside it so many people can just go there and do what they need and also to shop. The shopping mall is everywhere even if there are also small businesses that offer same services or products with them. The shopping mall has something to offer that they do not.

In this article, the biggest shopping mall in the world is featured. Take note the year this article is written because of sometimes many comments when they see that it seems the list is not okay. This list was made in this year of 2014 so it may changes as time comes.  And visit here with your visa from this website If you see in the list the Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia was included and you can see pictures of it to get a glimpse of what is inside.

Another mall that is located in the Philippines is the SM Mall of Asia that was inaugurated in the year 2006. Other list and some information about them are in the video just like this agency for travel, check more 台胞證費用. You can adjust the settings the speed of the video if you want it to go faster.