What to do in Tokyo, Japan

When you are going to visit the largest city on earth, what would you like to do? The vast area tells you that you can not go around the whole city in just a day. You can even get lost on your way if you do no turn on your navigation map.

When you arrive in Tokyo, the first thing you have to do is to find a restaurant to taste the Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine like sushi are very much loved by many people around the world.

Even those who never set their foot in Japan like Japanese cuisine.

Next, before visiting many people, you must visit the Imperial Palace. If you do not visit the place, you will miss the life that Tokyo has,  The Imperial Palace is one of the most beautiful in Tokyo. It is filled with cultures of the people descended from the dynasty ages.

Visit also the Shrines. Japaneses Shrines can lead you to understanding about beliefs and rituals, like the Sensoji Temple.

Do not miss going to the Parks like Shinjoku Garden. This has a spectacular view that will fill you with awe and amazement. Parks are home to entertainment is will give you that time to relax from any form of bad experience during the day. One thing you should not forget is to befriend a Japanese one. A Japanese friend ca help you with the Japanese culture or practice. You can learn the do’s and donts of the country.