Japan: One of the Safest Place in the World

Japan is one of the safest place in the world having a very low crime rate. While people tremble in fear due to the crimes that are happening around the world, Japan is enjoying its community for being safeguarded. In fact, murder, robbery, homicide in Japan are even solved. There is no place where there is no crime. Japan too have crimes like murder, robbery and knifing but the thing is that these kinds of terrible incidents are too low and the crime rate is decreasing until now.

2016 is the year of having the lowest crime rate in the country. No wonder people can walk along the streets at night without any worry. The truth is that even children of 6-7 years of age can go to school alone. Not all kids but many parents can still send their kids alone and come home alone as young as they are. Kids are also sent for an errand. However, that is taboo in other parts of the world since even kids are victims or crimes.

Japan can be a place of paradise since the community helps each other and trust each other. Having parents sending their kids to school alone is a proof that they trust the community. Their community helps each other, not ignoring someone out there when they know that that someone is human like them. This is why Japan is not just rich financially but they are rich in good attitude. Foreigners also in Japan are protected and respected.