Chopsticks etiquette: what not to do with chopstick

When you travel here in Japan, you cannot avoid being face to face with chopsticks when you eat in restaurants. You can see them everywhere where there is food. Chopsticks have different designs but most are in standard sizes. Chopsticks are basic here so if you want to try when you come and visit here you are very welcome. When you also want to practice in advance you can just buy chopsticks and try them at home. There are many tutorials on how to use chopsticks properly so you can watch and learn from them.

In the video above is the chopsticks etiquette that is practiced here in Japan. Japan has some strict manners and etiquette when it comes to eating and so especially with chopsticks. As they are the main medium for eating, they are really regarded as like that. You cannot do anything with your chopsticks like you do with spoon and fork but just use for eating. You can visit this restaurant and use these chopsticks, go 眼科診所 驗光. The different things you should not do when you are holding or using your chopstick is enumerated and the video presents nineteen of them.

Basically, you cannot play with your chopsticks and also use them to point something or someone. You can ask for spoon and fork if you want to just enjoy your meal and to use chopstick you need a good eye click over here典範診所 to read about eye treatment. Best tip.