Supermarket Psychology

Have you been to different supermarkets and did you notice some commonness in the set up? Or have you  ever wonder why floral section is beside the entry way? Upon entering, you will such thing. This is intended to stimulate your senses with smells and colors, making you shop with your stomach, not with your head. Some customers are like this that is why they go beyond their budget and even time.

Milk, bread, eggs, etc, which is the most basic needs of people are usually located at the end part of the grocery. They are situated in this way so that customers will be exposed entirely inside the store for they have no choice since what they need to get or buy is at the end. By this, going along the way, almost all the products within the store will be visually introduced to the customers.

Grocery stores at supermarkets display fruits and vegetables first so that they catch the customers’ eyes as soon as they enter the store. The bright colors and fresh scents inspire a positive and happy mental state in customers.

Did you know? Actually, the items the store really wants you to buy are at the eye level? And most often, the most expensive items are at the top most layer of the shelf and you will see below the cheap ones.

The checkout line is where the customers stand in line at the cash register. As you wait, there is nothing to do but leaf through magazines, be tempted by the candy rack, or be reminded that you need to buy a pack of batteries, etc. This is why the checkout line is the most profitable area too.

Besides, complementary items are placed beside the items. This entices the customer to get it even if it not really necessary. Other or more options make the customer be confused too on what to get. Also, a lot of junk foods are placed in the front line. So if you did not see them in your way in, you can grab it for some on your way out.

The more time in the store, the more you are going to spend money.